The Best Toys for Preschoolers (3-5 years)


Here is Our List of What We Think Are the Best Toys for Preschooler (3-5 years):

Hey there, super-parents! Ready to navigate the wild, wonderful world of preschool toys? Hold onto your capes because we're diving into the glorious sea of giggles, imagination, and, yes, the occasional tantrum!

We've battled our way through every toy aisle, website, and unidentifiable sticky object to bring you top-tier toy reviews for your curious kiddos aged 3-5.

So whether your little one dreams of being a dinosaur-taming astronaut or a princess with a penchant for power tools, we have the lowdown on the playthings that'll sparkle their little eyes. So let's embark on this toy-tastic adventure together, shall we?

1-Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Solid-Wood Building Blocks

Got a kiddo who's got an architect in the making? Look no further than Melissa & Doug's magical box of blocks! Sixty natural, smooth-sanded wooden wonders for countless hours of screen-free fun.

These blocks are more innovative than your average toy, not just for castles and skyscrapers - teaching early math concepts and patience and even boosting hand-eye coordination skills.

And when playtime's over, they all fit snugly in a handsome wooden crate because the only block avalanche we want is in the imagination! A top-notch gift for those creative tykes aged 3-8.


  1. Durability: Parents praised the blocks' durability, even surviving baths and regular heavy use.

  2. Educational: The blocks help develop motor skills, understand shapes and fractions, and encourage imaginative play.

  3. Multiple Shapes: The variety of shapes allows for creative play and learning.

  4. Size and Weight: The blocks are easy for little hands, not too heavy but sturdy enough.

  5. Longevity: These blocks can be used for a long time and across generations.

  6. Storage Box: The wooden storage box is practical and appreciated by customers.


  1. Styrofoam Packaging: The packaging is a source of frustration, as it creates a mess and poses environmental concerns.

  2. Odor: Some parents have mentioned that the blocks have a slight odor when first opened due to the finish they use. However, this smell quickly dissipates and doesn't cause any discomfort.

  3. Weight of Box: While the blocks themselves are praised for their weight, the total weight of the box could be heavy for some children.


View on Amazon: $82.95

View on Melissa & Doug: $84.99

2-Matching Letter Game

It sounds like the Matching Letter game is your little one's next best friend! Get ready for belly laughs and brain gains, as this toy helps kids age three and up spell, strategize, and socialize - and all with a sense of play.

So, you, your kiddo, and a couple of letter cubes walk into a living room. Result? Fun-filled family time, supercharged spelling skills, and - bingo - boosted brain power.

This game would take the gold if there were a multitasking toy competition! So parents, brace yourselves: It's time to have fun with phonics!


  1. Great for Pre-Reading: It's a fantastic educational tool that keeps young children engaged, whether reading independently or playing with others.

  2. Encourages Word Recognition: The product helps children identify sight words, match letters to terms, and spell them out loud, fostering early literacy skills.

  3. Enjoyable and Engaging: Kids love it! It's a fun way to get reluctant readers interested in learning and helps boost confidence in reading and spelling.

  4. Ease of Use: The product is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it ideal for children learning to read and spell.


  1. Card Quality: The cards could use a durability upgrade. Lamination or thicker card stock would make them more long-lasting.

  2. Potentially Challenging for Younger Kids: It could be too complex for the itty-bitty ones. They might be best saved for when they're a little older.


View on Amazon: $24.99

3- Squigz

Welcome to the world of Squigz - the mischievous, multicolored silicone suction cups! Get ready for a 'sucking' good time as these little critters flex, stick, and POP off any smooth surface, sparking imagination faster than a kid hiding broccoli.

They're just like your toddler, stubbornly sticking to everything and anything! BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, these bad boys are totally kid-proof.

With 24 pieces in 8 versatile shapes and colors, you'll be stuck in a world of creativity, and yes, they're even polite, leaving no trace of their sticky adventures. Suction-cup chaos is guaranteed!


  • Versatile use: Can be used for play, in the bath, or on any smooth surface.

  • Great for motor skills: Helps with hand strength, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

  • Educational: Supports cognitive development.

  • Safe to chew on: Good for younger children who might put them in their mouths.

  • Unique Sensory Experience: Provides fun sensory feedback with a "pop" sound when pulled apart.

  • Sturdy and durable: Many customers mentioned that the product seems well made.


  • Price: Some parents felt the price needed to be lowered for the number of pieces included.

  • Limited appeal: Some older children may lose interest quickly.


View on Amazon: &29.95

View on Fat Brain Toys: $29.95

4- Inchimals

Ever considered taking a math safari with your child? Welcome to the world of Inchimals, where a 4-inch rabbit and his friends turn learning into a wild adventure.

These critters are more than just adorable wooden blocks; they're a jungle-gym of skills - teaching your child measurement, number concepts, addition, subtraction, and even pre-algebra.

With a line-up from a 1-inch ladybug to a towering 12-inch giraffe, they'll add more than just inches of fun. And hey, no worries about any math 'roar' - these animals have passed all safety checks! Inchimals: where math meets 'paws-on' learning!


  1. Encourages learning: Helps children understand mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction visually and intuitively.

  2. Multiple uses: The blocks can be used for both learning and play, which can keep children entertained for hours.

  3. Quality: The blocks are made of high-quality wood, ensuring durability.

  4. Encourages independent learning: The blocks can facilitate self-learning, as seen from the child who discovered the concept of addition by himself.

  5. Versatility: Useful for different ages, it can serve as a learning tool for a 3-year-old and as play blocks for a 2-year-old.

  6. Inclusive set: The product includes a puzzle book and dry-erase marker, enabling reusable activities.


  1. Price: Some parents found the product to be expensive.

  2. Limited blocks: Having only 12 blocks might limit the development of number sense compared to having multiple rods or blocks in other educational products.

  3. Requires adult supervision: While it encourages independent learning, initial adult guidance seems necessary for practical use.


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