The best 5 Toys for toddlers (1-3 years)



Finding the perfect toys for our little ones can be a delightful yet daunting task as a parent. We want toys that spark joy, stimulate growth, and, most importantly, keep them engaged for more than just a few minutes!

So, after countless hours of playtime trials and toddler-approved testing, We've curated a list of the top 5 toys that have won the hearts of our household.

Read on to discover these toys that might just become your toddler's next favorite playtime companion!

Our list of what we think are the best 5 toys for toddlers (1-3 years):

1) LeapFrog Learning Friends 100 Words Book

Just imagine: Your toddler bossing a turtle, tiger, and monkey around in two languages! The "Learning Friends 100 Words Book" offers this fun-filled, multilingual madness.

It's loaded with over 100 words, amusing sound effects, and toddler-friendly tunes. It's learning, giggling, and salsa dancing all at once! And don't forget to get new batteries – because the demo ones are for show, like your child's 'eating' vegetables.

Fun and learning in a page-flipping, language-switching, star-lighting book! 18+ months recommended.


  1. Highly interactive, multi-functional toy with activities, songs, and even Spanish language options.

  2. Portable and easy to carry around, perfect for travels or grocery shopping trips.

  3. Offers a comprehensive learning experience with topics from counting to animals to colors.

  4. Durable and sturdy, able to withstand a toddler's heavy usage and drooling.

  5. Teaches 100 different words and stimulates language development in toddlers.


  1. The pages are thin and slippery, potentially challenging for toddlers still working on their motor skills.

  2. Over-responsive touch; toddlers may activate multiple sounds inadvertently with a single touch.

  3. The flashing star key is distracting, which might detract from the learning experience.


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2) Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Kids Stacking Toy

Alright, folks! Unleash your kiddo's inner engineer with this funky, twirly stacking toy. With six brilliantly colorful discs, they can stack, spin, and watch them tumble again in a captivating rainbow whirl.

Whether daisy-shaped or star-shaped, each disc can be arranged just as your toddler wants it. And get this: the base is reversible! So watch as this spectacle hones their hand-eye coordination and introduces them to the thrill of cause and effect.

Best part? It's safe, BPA-free, and sturdy. So you might find yourself just as transfixed as they are!


  • A "Spintastic" time for all: This isn't just a toy for the little ones. It captivates the whole family with its charm! Put the gears on, take them off, and spin them around; it's a household party!

  • "Wheely" is sturdy and easy to clean: Made with high-quality material and a matte texture.

  • Say hello to 'Me-time': This toy is like a mini babysitter, holding the attention of your little ones for more than just a few minutes, letting you sneak in that precious 'me-time.'

  • First Words and Beyond: It is a word conjurer, blooming the magic of speech. If you're waiting for your tot's first word, this toy might be your fairy godmother.

  • More than just fun: It's not just a stack-and-spin toy but a learning companion for your little ones. It promotes cognitive development and motor skills while adding much fun to it.


  • A bit of a 'Pole' problem might require some adult intervention until the little ones figure out how to reunite them.

  • Taller isn't always better: The stacker toy is trying to rival a skyscraper. The overly tall pole can make reaching the top challenging for the tots.


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3) My First Library : Boxset of 10 Board Books for Kids

Are you looking to turn your tiny tot into a smarty-pants? Check out this fun box set of 10 board books! It's like a crash course for kiddos in everything from ABCs to zoo animals.

These sturdy, vivid books will survive teething and tantrums, while your little one will drop words faster than food from a highchair! They're safe to handle, easy to tote, and even double as colorful, educational chew toys.

Finally, a boxset that's less "terrible twos" and more "terrifically taught"! Who said learning couldn't be child's play?


  1. Children seem to love these books, carrying them around and taking them to bed like a comforting, educational buddy!

  2. The set is perfect for teaching basic vocabulary, shapes, colors, and animals and can be used as interactive flashcards.

  3. The white background of the images reduces overstimulation and allows children to focus on the pictures themselves.

  4. The sturdy design is ideal for tiny fingers and even those with motor skill difficulties - a consideration for parents, teachers, and caregivers.

  5. These books are budget-friendly compared to other brands, making learning accessible without breaking the bank!


  1. The size of the books is a surprise for some parents - they are much smaller than expected and may be difficult for some children to handle or adults to share with kids.

  2. The book box/case has a design flaw - removing a single book without tilting the entire box is challenging. Just a half inch off the height could have solved this issue!

  3. The pages of the books are pretty thick, which may pose some difficulty for little ones when they try to turn the pages themselves.


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4) Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube - Classic Wooden Toy

Are you ever wanted your little one to learn shapes faster than a geometry whiz? The Melissa & Doug Shape-Sorting Cube is a one-stop toy for that!

This chunky, colorful, toddler-proof toy will have your kiddo mastering shapes and colors quicker than you can say 'isosceles triangle.' It's made to endure those curious little hands, while its satisfying "clunk" sound can double as your background music! Perfect for kiddos aged 2-5, it's the ultimate tool for hands-on, screen-free fun.

Who needs a phone app when you can have an 'app-laudable' wooden cube? Time for some shape-shifting fun!


  • Educational: This toy aids in teaching children shapes and colors, enhancing their cognitive development.

  • Easy to Use: It's simple and intuitive for children to play with and for parents to clean up.

  • Dexterity and Fine Motor Skills: The product promotes the development of fine motor skills and talent.

  • Interest and Engagement: The toy has been reported to sustain children's interest over time, with kids continually wanting to master more shapes.

  • Durability and Quality: Many reviewers note that the toy is well made with no paint chipping or need for additional sanding.


  • No Latch on Top: There is no latch to secure the top of the toy, which may lead to pieces being misplaced easily.

  • Quality of Wood: Some users note that the quality of the wood is uneven, and only some parts of the wood are finished properly


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5) Personalized Name Puzzle

You got a little one with a name that's never on the souvenir keychains? Then, the Personalized Name Puzzle is the solution!

This beautifully hand-crafted puzzle, spelling out your kid's name in vibrant, non-toxic paint, will give your tot that celebrity 'my-name-in-lights' feeling! In addition, it's a fun way to boost their motor skills, letter recognition, and, of course, their little egos.

And don't worry about the spelling. Whether it's John or Ja'Crisslyn, they've got it covered! Note: The puzzle may not include lowercase letters or punctuation, but guaranteed to include loads of fun!


  • Quality and Durability: Users report that the puzzle is well-made, sturdy, and maintains its quality even with use by teething babies.

  • Educational: The product is an excellent tool for motor skill development, learning colors and letters, and spelling out names.

  • Price: Customers appreciate the flat rate for up to 9 letters, which benefits longer names.

  • Additional Storage Option: The availability of an orange storage bag is a plus as it helps keep track of all the letters.

  • Suitable for All Ages: It is a hit with kids of various ages, even those slightly younger than the target age group.


Asymmetrical Letter Design: Some letters, like "E," may be slightly asymmetrical, causing confusion and frustration for kids when they don't fit as expected in their slots.


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