The best 5 Toys for Infants (0-12 months)



As a parent, the first year of your baby's life is filled with precious moments and exciting milestones. And in this journey, suitable toys can make a difference. They bring smiles and giggles and aid in developing essential skills.

So, after careful observations, adorable laughs, and lots of drool, we've compiled a list of the top 5 toys my little one couldn't get enough of during their first year.

So, dear parents, brace yourselves for a baby-approved guide to the best toys for your little explorer!

Here is the complete list of what we think are the best 5 toys for babies 0-12 months old:

1) See, Touch, Feel (A First Sensory Book) - by Roger Priddy

"See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book" is the baby book equivalent of a wild, interactive amusement park! With its bright photos and inviting textures, it dares your baby to explore and play.

Touch a snail's shell swirl? Check. Follow a finger trail? Check. Admire themselves in a shiny mirror? Triple check. But this book isn't just a joyride, oh no! It's also a stealthy language and motor skills tutor, evolving with your baby's growth. So, buckle up, folks! This book promises a sensory joyride with a side of learning!


  • Affordable: Customers feel it's an excellent value for the price.

  • Engaging: Vibrant colors, varied textures, and mirrors keep babies interested.

  • Educational: The book helps babies trace shapes and stimulates sensory development.

  • Quality: The book is sturdy and well-made, making it long-lasting.

  • Great gift: Many customers believe it's a good choice for a baby shower gift.


  • Lack of variety in textures: Some parents were disappointed by the lack of diverse textures, with most being raised in smooth areas of the paper.

  • Size: Some customers found the book too large for a baby's lap.

  • Content: A few parents felt the book could have been more creative and relevant to a baby's daily experiences.


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2) Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

Imagine a one-stop shop for your baby's playtime – that's this activity gym. It's like a pint-sized carnival of learning, with roles changing faster than a chameleon in a bag of Skittles.

One minute it's a lay & play mat; the next, it's a sit & play, even a 'grab & go' for those adventurous park trips. Real piano notes? Check! An orchestra of toys? Double-check! And the mat's so soft; your baby might think they're on a cloud.

Did I mention the packaging is as frustration-free as a bubble wrap pop? Now that's what I call a 'baby's day out'!


  • Engages babies for extended periods and aids in developing motor skills.

  • Portable and fits into standard pack 'n play beds for easy transport and use.

  • It can be adapted as the child grows (e.g., removing the piano).

  • It contains multiple features that babies enjoy (e.g., lights, toys, sounds).

  • Helpful for tummy time and stimulating physical activity.

  • Babies enjoy the colorful design and the sound of the keyboard.

  • Some reviewers mentioned it's easy to assemble.


  • It may become less suitable as the baby matures or moves more.

  • The mat's material may be too slick, causing difficulty for babies trying to hold themselves up.


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3) InnyBin

Get ready, folks. We've hit the kiddie jackpot! Feast your eyes on the "InnyBin" – an ingenious shape-sorting box. It's got six different squishy, uniquely-textured shapes, including a cube, a diamond, and an oddly happy logo (we're not kidding).

Your tiny Einsteins will push these shapes through elastic bands, sparking a curiosity riot and boosting their fine motor skills. And, nope, it doesn't stop there – this cube is a safe, BPA-free bundle of joy that could survive a baby Godzilla. So, learning shapes will now be as easy as a pie...or a sphere!


  1. Stimulates Senses: The toy provides auditory and tactile stimulation that infants find appealing.

  2. Encourages Problem-Solving: It challenges children to figure out how to remove and replace the shapes, promoting cognitive development.

  3. Appeals to a Wide Age Range: It is suitable for and enjoyed by infants and toddlers of various ages, from 6 months to 1.5 years.

  4. Offers Storage: The cube can hold various items, making it a functional toy.

  5. Quality and Design: The product boasts vibrant colors and a unique and aesthetically pleasing design.


  1. Hard Material: The shapes are made of hard plastic, which may not be as enjoyable for babies as softer materials.


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4) Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Baby Book - Whose Feet?

Get ready to wiggle some toes with "Whose Feet?", an adorable croc star of a soft activity book by Melissa & Doug. This isn't your ordinary tome – it has dangly feet, a giggle-worthy story, and vibrant art that'll put a rainbow to shame.

Can't find crocodile's feet? Flip the pages and join the fun! It's super easy to clean (thanks, washing machine!) and a great way to inspire some screen-free play. Best part? It comes with a 100% happiness guarantee – if your kiddo isn't delighted, they'll turn that frown upside down. Happy foot-finding!


  1. Machine washable: Parents don't have to worry about spills and stains. They can toss it in the washing machine.

  2. Durable and safe: Babies can grab, throw, and bite it without fearing the book getting damaged or the baby getting hurt.

  3. Interactive: It comes with animal feet and a squeaky alligator head, providing different ways for the baby to engage with the book.

  4. A source of comfort: The text and noises can help calm a fussy baby, even during stressful moments such as medical examinations.


  1. Difficult to operate squeaker: The squeaker in the alligator's head is challenging for a young child to press.

  2. Short content: Some parents expected more pages and found the story too fast.


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5) Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Meet Sophie, the Giraffe teether, the queen of gnaw-land! She hails from the French Alps, boasting 100% natural rubber and a no-nonsense diet of phthalates and BPA-free food paint.

With a figure slender enough for your baby's grip, she squeaks when squeezed, bringing joy to any teething drama. Her ears, horns, and legs offer extra chewy delight.

Though her food-paint makeup might fade, each hand-painted Sophie is as unique as your baby's giggle. Remember, Sophie is a land animal - she doesn't enjoy swimming or steamy sauna trips in sterilizers or dishwashers!


  1. Adorable and Engaging: The toy's cute design makes babies look even more precious when playing with it, and they seem to love the squeaking sound.

  2. Safe for Babies: It's 100% natural, and parents can feel at ease knowing that no synthetic materials are going into their baby's mouth.

  3. Easy to Grab: Its design is friendly for babies learning to grab, with smaller parts like the legs, neck, and head perfect for tiny hands.

  4. Soft and Chewable: Sophie is gentle enough for teething babies to chew on without the risk of injury but tough enough not to get punctured.

  5. Non-obnoxious Color: Parents appreciate the subtle colors compared to other brighter and more visually intrusive toys.

  6. Pleasant Scent: Both parents and babies seem to appreciate the good smell of the toy.


  1. Cleaning Concerns: There are potential cleaning issues, as water can enter the squeaker and possibly cause mold growth. Clear cleaning instructions are lacking.

  2. Potential Pet Toy Confusion: The squeaking sound can attract pets, especially dogs that might mistake it for their toys.

  3. On the Pricey Side: Despite its positive attributes, some parents consider Sophie slightly expensive, but most seem to think it's worth it.


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